Though the weather is getting nice, it can still be chilly. Please provide your child with a light jacket daily. Thank you!


Creative Child, Inc. has always made it our mission to provide the children we care for with a caring, nurturing and educational environment.


The teachers, assistants, and caregivers have been chosen through their versatile strengths, individual personalities, and Educational backgrounds to work as a “Creative Child Team.” 


The Involvement of our families as partners in caring for their children is a vital part of our overall program. Our open door relationship and communication with each 

and everyone of them, encourages and confirms their beliefs in Creative Child’s philosophies. 


Our programs have been structured to incorporate the Early Learning Standards for young children to form a unique understanding of how our learning techniques for young children are applied on a daily basis.


We cherish and respect each child and their individualism, and they will always be “The Heart of our Centers."

Creative Child, Inc
Est. September 2006


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